Making a Potpourri Topiary

Step 1:
Cover table with newspaper to protect it and make cleanup easier. Gather materials: flower pots, sticks, potpourri (lavender buds in this case), styrofoam balls, glue, ribbon, and foam oasis.
Step 1

Step 2: Use a rag to paint pot to make it antique looking, if desired.
Step 2

Step 3: Using a disposable container (in this case, a plastic sherbet lid) keeps the potpourri together.
Step 3

Step 4: Cover one-half of a styrofoam ball with glue and press into potpourri to cover.
Step 4

Step 5: Let the glue dry about 30 minutes and do the other half. Cut oasis to fit flower pots.
Step 5

Step 6: Fill in gaps by using more glue and potpourri. In this example, powdered cinnamon is also used to add to the antiqued look of the lavender balls.
Step 6

Step 7: Finish the topiaries by sticking the stick in the potpourri-covered ball and placing it in the oasis. Fill in the top of the pot with moss. Tie ribbon around stick.
Step 7