Hops: 2018 Herb of the Year Our menu to highlight hops includes recipes using many different types of beer: hopped-up lemonade, bock barbecue sauce, lager-boiled shrimp, porter mushroom stew, Guinness brownies, and hefeweizen-battered apple rings with amber ale caramel sauce.

Indonesian Tea: Our menu for an Indonesian tea includes recipes featuring cilantro/coriander, the herb of the year for 2017: shrimp salad, summer rolls, baked samosas with mango chutney, egg salad, date scones with mango jam and cream, green tea cakes with white chocolate mousse, pineapple with cilantro and mint, and coriander cookies.

Spring Brunch: Our menu for a spring brunch includes salad burnet harlequin fingers, double lemon tea bread, fruit salad with lemon balm and lemon mint, ham on herbed biscuits, pesto ricotta tart, and minty lemonade.

Scented Geraniums: A few recipes using scented geraniums, including scented geranium sugar, rose geranium pound cake with lemon curd, cherry compote with scented geraniums, lemon scented geranium punch, and apple scented geranium roast pork.